Egg Producer Permanently Removed From Industry in Settlement - Animal Legal Defense Fund

Original piece written by Animal Place about L&M Poultry’s abandonment of 50,000 hens that resulted in 45,000+ deaths

The hens were abandoned in a battery cage facility and were left for more than 2 weeks without food in 2012, pecking at an empty conveyor belt as they slowly starved to death. Animal Place and Farm Sanctuary were able to rescue 4,600 hens but more than 45,000 died before rescuers were tipped off and able to free the birds. This was the largest farm animal rescue that has ever occurred in California.

Hens can be legally denied food for up to 10 days in a ridiculously cruel practice known as “forced molting” which is an industry standard method of forcing hens into a new egg laying cycle.

Luckily, the owners of L&M Poultry are now legally barred from ever working with animals again.

They still face charges of felony animal cruelty.

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Killer Cops Not Welcome -- Salinas Police Chief in Santa Cruz : Indybay

Murderers not welcome in our town! 

This Tuesday Salinas Police Chief Kelly McMillin will be in Santa Cruz for an event at Bookshop Santa Cruz featuring Julia Reynolds and her book “Blood in the Fields.” 

We are creating a public presence to say LOUD AND CLEAR that the Salinas police chief who oversaw the killings of four Latino men in four months is not welcome in our community. 

Kelly McKillin’ has been actively justifying the murders, one of which took our dear friend and fellow activist Frank Alvarado. 

***Bring signs, banners, your friends and fam & meet in front of the entrance! If you have questions, feel free to contact Sin Barras via email:sinbarras [at] 

Official event description here: 

Incredibly racist & patronizing piece recently written by the chief: 

Sin Barras statement about Frank’s murder: 

Why anyone would pay money to see DRI is beyond me but just in case:

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